Thanin Viriyaki Photography

"Epic yet intimate. Cinematic and candid. Natural to dramatic."

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Hello, thank you for visiting my page. 


My name is Thanin Viriyaki. 


I came from Bangkok, Thailand at a very early age to settle and become an American. As a youth, my dream was to become a Transformer, much like Optimus Prime, but due to my dreams being bigger than modern day scientific progress my strong interest in art would eventually lead me to pick up a camera. My mother would routinely ask, "Do you really need to take so many pictures?" while looking at my photography covered bedroom floor. The family camera became my tool to record inspirations for my drawings and paintings. I would go on to devote my waking hours to art (winning a state medal in highschool to being art club president) and eventually majoring in photography at the University of North Texas.

My first photography job began as a jewelry photographer, then branching out into studio portraiture where I fine-tuned my skills at lighting and directing, and finally shooting food photography, commercial work, and weddings. And here I am today... with you looking at my photos and reading this message. Clearly fate has shown its hand. We're destined to work together! Please drop me a line about your photography needs. I mean, why deny fate, right?

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